The outcome is more favorable if the patient breathes deeply and is very comfortable. A traditional Thai massage is intended to help mitigate any particular stress or ache you might be having.

Thai massage is a traditional technique in which your therapist compresses and pulls your body with a series of yogic style stretches. Performed with the client wearing specially designed loose clothing, it’s also suitable for the more timid clients.

  • First, during an initial consultation, your therapist asks about any muscles that require special attention.
  • Then your therapist begins by observing your breath and warming your muscles with firm compressions.
  • As you relax on a matt or table, your therapist positions your body into yoga poses and pulls, compresses and stretches your body.
  • At the end of the session, your therapist gives you a self-care plan and recommends follow-up treatments, if necessary.

Thai massage is a time-tested bodywork tradition and a great way to relieve stress, increase blood circulation and maintain an integrally balanced body.

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